Information about our Estate Kona Coffee

Kona King Coffee produces high altitude, estate Kona Coffee from our farm located in the Kona Coffee Belt. What makes it “estate”? We control the entire process from growing the coffee all the way to it being packaged. By doing this we can ensure everything in the bag comes from our farm and is of consistently high quality.

Our coffee benefits from the high altitude and rich, deep volcanic soil. The high altitude ensures that our coffee has an ideal amount of rainfall, which produces healthy beans. The deep volcanic soil provides the nutrients which produce a rich, flavorful tasting coffee. Many people think our 100% Kona Coffee is some of the smoothest they have tasted. Visit our Online Store for details and prices. Or if you are in the Kona area, stop by the Keauhou Farmers Market to visit us – there is more information on the Contact Us page.

The process of Grading of Kona Coffee consists of passing the green coffee beans through various sizing sieves. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture defines what constitutes the grades Kona Extra Fancy, Kona Fancy, Kona Number 1, etc. These grades are based not only on size but also appearance of the green beans. Kona Extra Fancy coffee beans are the largest, highest quality beans.

Kona Peaberry are also called Type II beans. In a typical coffee cherry, 2 beans develop inside the roundish fruit. These are called Type I beans. The 2 beans develop their characteristic flat face due to the presence of the other bean. In a small percentage of coffee cherry, typically 3-5%, only a single bean develops. These are commonly called Peaberry, and are round and smaller than a typical bean.


We are currently offering 3 grades of our Estate coffee:
Estate Grade Our Estate Kona Coffee contains Extra Fancy, Fancy, Number 1 and Select beans providing a smooth, rich flavor.
Extra Fancy Grade Our Extra Fancy Kona Coffee contains beans that are larger than the normal bean size allowing for a fuller, rich, well-rounded flavor.  Extra Fancy is available as a special order.  Contact us for more information.
Peaberry Considered the highest grade of coffee, peaberry consists of the smaller “pea” beans, which generally occur in only about 3% of a coffee crop.  The smaller size leads to a more intense flavor.


Medium Our Medium roast results in a bean that has been roasted to just before the second crack. This roast is also called a City Roast, which is considered a good roast for tasting varietal character of the bean.  Flavor profile has slight nutty to fruity undertones – hints of lemon and/or maple can be tasted
Medium Dark Our Medium Dark roast results in a bean that is a moderately dark brown color, with some light surface oil. Roasting has proceeded into the second crack, providing hints of caramel or chocolate, while still maintaining some of the underlying fruity sweetness.  This roast is also called a Full City Roast.